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Posted By:adele

Old Comments:

2008-06-16 10:47:27
Great ..the perfect combination of beauty, serenity, and spine-tingling excitement..thanks for asking...
2008-06-16 07:41:34
Sorry, Adele, I was responding to Patito's comment. ;-)
2008-06-16 07:26:30
The sailing? I am within a hurricane since a long time. And now, I have to face to a tornado. In french "La vie n'est pas un long fleuve tranquille". Try a translation ......... Fortunately, some pics help us to stay here.
2008-06-16 06:19:43
Nice to have you back. How was the sailing?
2008-06-16 05:46:39
A little-known fact: the round things were hot tubs. After a hard day of hoeing corn and hunting jackalopes, the Indians liked to enjoy a good relaxing soak while sipping a cold beer and watching the sun set across the mesa.
2008-06-16 04:44:19
I understand. Have a nice life Poppy.
2008-06-14 17:33:20
By the time your picture came around, I was sufficiently annoyed about pictures not having captions that would provide information to us viewers so when you had time to comment my comment but did not have the time to write the caption, knowing what the place was, I reacted. My apologies, Adele.
2008-06-14 17:11:51
I don't understand where I blessed you. There is any known reason why I don't gave the info before you. Probably, I was thinking about something else when I posted the pic. That's all, don't you think ? Thank you for providing additional information about Mesa verde that I did not known.
2008-06-13 17:58:10
Why not include the info about the picture in the caption? That would be the polite thing to do. I gave the info for you, and then you step in to give my info your blessing. Redundant act, don't you think?
2008-06-13 13:45:31
Exactly. This picture comes from Mesa Verde in august 2005. A great place in the West USA.