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Posted By:ARHman

Old Comments:

2009-01-26 06:22:14
The reason y'all probabl recognize it, is because it's a advertising photograph for DIM stay-ups which was used worldwide between 1988 and 1991. God I hate my brain right now.
2008-07-09 02:33:38
This is hardly a contrived photo. She leans backwards into the wind and is on her toes to retain balance. Her hair and skirt are blown forward and the brolly turned inside out. Is she not a well known actress?
2008-06-05 19:21:54
Perhaps you could explain why you feel it necessary that you contribute nothing but you lack of interest. Like the picture you describe, you are boring.
2008-06-05 11:46:02
I'm certainly not above a fart joke , but this is in fact a paraphrase of a poem by Cristina Rossetti..her brother was Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the painter..."Who has seen the wind, neither I nor you: but when the leaves shang trembvling, the wind is passing through. Who has seen the wind, neither you nor I: but when the trees bow down their heads, the wind is passing by."..
2008-06-05 09:48:41
Funny, there was a pic on the site a few weeks back where someone commented about how they "could see the wind" because of the sense of motion the photographer captured in the image, and I ALMOST replied with a snide aside noting that one can never *see* the wind. Nice poem (I assume you've paraphrased), which fits the subject... or is that a fart joke?
2008-06-05 09:33:41
"Oh who has seen the wind, neither I nor you, but when we see a lady's end, the wind is passing through." With sincere apologies to Cristina Rossetti
2008-06-05 09:20:00
contrived = boring (to me) sorry