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Posted By:Stella31

Old Comments:

2009-11-24 10:18:14
I've seen some of Charles C. Ebbets other photos...great photographer...certainly for his time.
2009-11-24 09:34:09
When Photoshop gets a little better, I wonder if anyone will believe anything anymore? "Reality, What a concept!" For the record: Lunchtime atop a Skyscraper (New York Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam) is a famous photograph taken by Charles C. Ebbets during construction of the GE Building at Rockefeller Center in 1932. The photograph depicts 11 men eating lunch, seated on a girder with their feet dangling hundreds of feet above the New York City streets. Ebbets took the photo on September 29, 1932, and it appeared in the New York Herald Tribune in its Sunday photo supplement on October 2.
2008-10-26 03:51:14
Looks fake to me. Imagine a horizontal sheet of glass under all their feet. Not one guy's feet extend below that plane, and no, it's not that all their heels are resting on the i-beam. Everyone's toes are resting on something. Take a closer look. Highly unusual that no one's legs would be dangling below the girder. Just because it's been around a long time, predates photoshop and has been printed in books doesn't make it real. Just my two cents.
2008-07-09 21:36:29
not a fake, this is an old photo that is in alot of high school history books , i think I may even have a print of it someware.
2008-06-04 07:12:39
Nope..but my mistake for presenting it in perhaps an unclear manner...what I said was,that if you DON'T believe those things, ie, that the 9/11 attack was planned by the government, or tha the holcaust was a hoax, then Popolov will consider you a fool or an ignoramus, because he DOES believe all those things.
2008-06-04 05:32:58
if I don't believe the world trade center was a planned attack by the us government or the holocost was a hoax then I am not in agreement with Popolov,I think you might have said that backwards.
2008-06-04 05:10:24
This is Popolov ( Phillip ) in his true form. He's a nice enough fellow, even capable of being rational and charming, unless and until someone disagrees with him. Then he reveals his true nature, that of a classic authoritarian personality. Popolov and people who share his condition simply can't stand it when anyone disagrees with them. They are right, they know they are right, and anyone who doesn't see the world the way they do, or who believes some other inrepretaion of the data might be more reasonable or compelling, is either ignorant or a fool. Don't believe Hitler wasn't really such a bad guy, and was simply misunderstood? Don't believe a conspiracy of international bankers casued the Second World War ? Don't believe the holocaust was a hoax? Don't believe the US government planned and executed the attack on the World Trade Center? Well then, you are,in Popolov's opinion, a blind, ignorant, brain-washed fool. As I've stated numerous times before, there is absolutely NO point in arguing with the poor fellow about any of this stuff. His mind is made up.
2008-06-04 04:47:51
I made no claim about the photo being genuine. I merely hopped on the bandwagon when two of you (you were one of them) associated the photo with Empire State Building and, as I knew that was not true, provided the name of the real location. I don't give a rat's behind about any of your ramblings, other than this: who are you to talk about my sleeping arrangements, with Patito or otherwise? You cannot say anything with grace, you always have to put people down. I don't have masters to tell me how to think or act and I know nothing about the great American way as I am not an American and I don’t live in the USA. But I recognize a bully when I see one.
2008-06-04 03:52:04
Hi Potato & Poppy! You can produce whatever 'claimed' evidence you like in stating that this photo is genuine. It is 'NOT' genuine as an original photo. It is an impossibility!!! If your visual senses are unable to detect the very simple evidence I have indicated above, then you might both as well go back to sleep - perhaps together! The light area behind the workmen is not natural. It was sprayed white in order to bring the men forward. It was standard practise in advertising. And as stated earlier, the posture of the man on the extreme left is impossible for anyone seated high up on a girder without any safety beneath. And Fyi_n, of course it is real, because your simple mind can 'see' it. And not having the technical background, any of you, you will believe anything and everything that your masters tell you. After all, that's the great American way. Isn't it!
2008-06-03 03:33:01
everybody knows this photo is real, it's a classic, it's older than my grandmother and only people who have been hiding in a cave have not seen this photo.
2008-06-01 21:57:00
You have a mouth like a sewer.
2008-06-01 21:42:49
I thought poppy and popolov were the same asshole,boy was i wrong,i sure miss philip.
2008-06-01 18:57:32
Hear Ye ! Hear Ye ! The All-knowing Popolov hath spoken ! Let the peoples of the earth take heed !
2008-06-01 17:49:58
Its a fake and was retouched! The area behind the girder and the men was sprayed lighter. No way would those men sit all together on a girder like that. Look at the man extreme left. He's lighting his cigarette from the fag of the other workman, and is leaning so far forward that his balance at that height would cause him to fall off. It's retouched from a composite of photos for promotional purposes for the Empire State construction.
2008-06-01 16:54:51
its on the WTC or empire state building construction site as i recall. anyway, one of my favs:)
2008-05-31 21:30:19
The guy on the right must have brass balls. Great famous image from the late 1930s I think.
2008-05-31 20:43:09
the guy on the right has it figured out