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Posted By:^jorge^

Old Comments:

2008-06-01 22:32:30
You should get a Mexican in your neighborhood to coach you...not hard to find one these days...and to make a good impression right off the bat, walk up to him and say "Chupa mis huevos, Cabron !" He'll love you for it...
2008-06-01 22:26:35
hahhhahaahahaha i just love spanish insults,they sound so cool. I'm taking lessons.
2008-06-01 15:02:10
Did you ever stop to consider that maybe other visitors are now voting ^jorge^'s pictures up JUST because you've been bitching about how ^jorge^ is cheating?
2008-05-31 10:48:13
I Don't know whats going in regards to jorge but I like this photo. You don't speak for all of us.
2008-05-31 09:22:19
^jorge^ tramposo hijo de Puta!
2008-05-31 09:20:30
Here you are 7:45 central time and this photograph got voted as pixadaus most popular. Cheater !
2008-05-31 08:58:12
A ver retardado ^jorge^. Muestra tu magia y ponte a votar por esta foto. O vas a dejar que se squede con unos cuantos votos? vamos hijo de mierda, ponte a votar.
2008-05-31 08:50:29
7:16 Central Time. Another Shitty photo that is going to be popular in a matter of minutes.