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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2008-06-07 05:03:01
good boy
2008-06-06 12:41:02
yeah, forget about the ganja - how much for the kid?
2008-06-05 12:00:14
You have a man in the back yard that sells weed? How progressive!
2008-06-05 11:31:10
hmmmm I didn't even notice the leaves until I read what you guys wrote. I was taken by the kids face. Exquisite.
2008-05-31 02:41:25
it's fresh from the backyard man!
2008-05-31 02:00:01
You smoke only leaf? =O
2008-05-30 23:25:00
my boy Jose bringing me the day's supplies. buen chico!