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Posted By:HALEX

Old Comments:

2009-04-28 18:55:39
good thing is, its only a gues from you. that picture looks shity anyways. just slap that bitch!
2008-06-04 07:29:52
This site has apparently been discovered by another adolescent male ( I'd guess he's about 13 or 14 ) who has just figured out how his weenie works. Playing with it and thinking abiut playing with it is about all his little mind can handle at this point. We'd all be grateful, Josh,if you would go away and come back in about 15 or 20 years .
2008-06-04 06:02:28
she's got shit on her fingers and now she just got it in her asshole
2008-06-02 19:57:40
OMG what a beautiful big eyes !!
2008-05-31 04:18:55
Is she the granddaughter of Popeye the Sailor?