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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2008-06-02 08:21:27
Hahaha! I like Athena best: she was the original, after all. Our Minerva was only an imitation.
2008-05-31 00:52:22
then shouldn't your name be Minerva? lying Greek!
2008-05-30 08:38:06
No, it's Sophia Loren alright. (I'm Italian ;) )
2008-05-30 04:36:12
What a knee slapper!
2008-05-30 04:13:14
lyndon johnson? you're weird old man. looks like george clooney's dad.
2008-05-29 21:43:39
Reminds me a little of ol' Lyndon Johnson in his younger days. Even the hat's right .
2008-05-29 21:42:38
I am sure is Claudia Cardinale, Mastroianni and Federico Fellini during the making of 8 1/2.
2008-05-29 21:31:55
Is it just me or could they guy be George Clooney's Dad?
2008-05-29 21:12:05
LOL! That "nookie" comment will live on long after you're gone; it's very Oscar Wilde'ish.
2008-05-29 21:02:29
That's Federico Fellini, Boy ! He got more nookie by accident than you'll ever get by tryin' hard.
2008-05-29 12:33:46
Homo says "what?"
2008-05-29 12:21:56
Maestro Fellini
2008-05-29 12:14:03
Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni and who?