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Posted By:sa

Old Comments:

2008-11-02 14:35:59
that horse should be riding the fat pig in its back
2008-06-01 00:47:54
Is that Hillary in her younger days?
2008-05-31 01:33:46
i agree with picasso. she's neither ugly nor beautiful, she's just someone having fun on a horse. damn i wish i could be riding a horse in the water right now.
2008-05-29 20:41:24
Picasso, you'll have to agree that the opinions on this page are by far preferable to the Sleeze Squad comments on some pages. The first 'commentator' thought the lady beautiful, the second one thought the opposite...etc. There are hundreds of pages of the REAL Smut Artists in action, making the "value judgements" on this page pale in comparison. Where were you then? The lady is lovely and may she continue to have a great time on her horse.
2008-05-29 20:11:45
2008-05-29 20:06:51
Whoa! Hold her there boys! You see a woman in a bathing suit and feel you must make a value judgement! This is a picture of someone having a great time on a horse! Not a pin up competitor!
2008-05-29 15:20:48
Don't be such a bunch of internet snots. If you met this girl in person she'd shoot your dumb asses down in a heartbeat. There's Photoshop pretty, and there's the real thing. Don't try to pretend otherwise.
2008-05-29 15:13:33
thats a very beautiful horse
2008-05-29 06:47:00
2008-05-29 06:46:17
2008-05-29 06:25:45
One more point..the lady in this photo is excited and obviously having a great time...most of the gals in the professionally posed and shot stuff look as if they're sullen, pissed off, pouting about something, hungover, or like somebody just told 'em that their dog died.....
2008-05-29 06:05:27
i agree with patito. just wondering how the "true"beautiful models would look on that horse, all wet, without their makeup, posing and taking 10000s of shots and ofcourse, without post-processing in photoshop:) i like her naturality.
2008-05-29 04:16:43
I don't think she's an old gal, but I'm givin you a vote for the other stuff you said
2008-05-29 04:08:38
Also, lots of guys ( Hi may be one ) are used to looking at photos of professional models shot by professional photographers..the gals are groomed and buffed and slicked and tricked to a fair thee well, then dozens of shots are taken from which one single best shot is culled..most of those models, shot candidly, in action of some sort, wouldn't look as good as the old gal on the horse...
2008-05-29 01:41:01
Many of us find something beautiful about women, all women, regardless of the ever changing standards for contemporary beauty. I do not think it difficult for the woman in the picture.
2008-05-29 01:03:47
Beautiful girl??????? You must be that girl cuz she's a far cry from beautiful OMG
2008-05-29 00:50:54
Beautiful girl, awesome photo!