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Posted By:artemis

Old Comments:

2008-05-30 11:54:20
Ha, that's where the image was stolen from in the first place!
2008-05-30 00:19:21
Looks very similar to China (granite intrusions on the border w/ Hon-Kong) Stairs are made of the same granite...
2008-05-29 23:50:44
Why would we want to see someones naff holiday snaps? That's what Facebook is for. Go post them there and stop polluting this site with dog manure.
2008-05-28 14:25:30
The world is full of rocks. Where to start? Er.. I think I'll go make a cup of coffee.
2008-05-28 09:41:34
a guess which you do not provide ann...ahem, sundew. i'm going to guess somewhere in Southeast Asia. it is very very important for us to determine the location.
2008-05-27 21:24:20
So that we can fill the pages with guesses, of course.
2008-05-27 19:59:25
why do people refuse to provide a location?