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Posted By:LILLY

Old Comments:

2008-10-06 08:49:04
Clearly some white me CAN jump!
2008-10-05 10:30:58
Greg , You have to recognize a Troll when you see one , Just Sayin never comment like this . EVER !!!
2008-10-05 10:04:19
Alrighty, "Just Gayin" - apparently your ear is well-attuned to such things. Just where do you hang out, Mr. Twinky? By the way, I'll have to inform my wife and kids about this astute revelation.
2008-10-04 14:04:30
Most forced perspective posed shots are a bit too cute and contrived for my taste. However, I have to say - this one is awesome. There's something daring and joyous in his leap towards the plane.