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Posted By:BellCurve

Old Comments:

2008-05-27 22:54:08
it is in Ohio, you dumbshits.
2008-05-26 07:16:57
A bunch of newbies! The first thing that comes to mind is that this is, of course, Kazakhstan!
2008-05-25 21:15:20
A pertinent question. My first thought was perhaps Mongolia.
2008-05-25 20:22:50
Sorry, BC, I was just trying to be sarcastic as I am getting allergic to the "Where is it?" questions. ;-)
2008-05-25 19:37:33
I would have added it if I knew the details, all I know is that it is Russia - wish I had more.
2008-05-25 16:10:48
Here comes the obvious question: Where is this, please? It would be nice to fill a couple of pages with the guesses again.