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Posted By:GoldVish

Old Comments:

2008-05-26 07:36:29
fuckng tree hugging bunny fuckers.
2008-05-25 23:45:01
There are valid points to both sides of this argument. In a perfect world, animals should be free to roam and live their lives unabated by human interference....but alas, it's not a perfect world we live in. The world we live in has sport hunters who kill for thrill and bragging rights. The world we live in has global warming that is threatening the very existence of this particular species by melting the polar ice caps and in doing so destroying this species only natural habitat. No habitat means no survival. So zoos, while not the perfect solution to the problem, certainly do allow for the survival of the species beyond the extinction of natural habitat. It's not an easy issue to pick a side on because the variables are many. I will say, however, that when I look at this image, I don't see an animal in anguish...I see an animal scratching itself, both on the back and on the head. It is all in the perception you choose to view things through I guess.
2008-05-25 21:56:06
Well, Dingo, spend some time in prison and see how you would feel? Especially if you had been incarcerated without having committed a crime?
2008-05-25 21:47:59
you both are tools!!! in todays world, an animal had alot better chance of suriviving in captivity, otherwise humanity is going to kill them anyways... if it's isn't our unreasonable energy plans, or retarted views on the world, or the idiots that just like to kill animals... my recommendations to you is that you reeveluate your life and consider these things... its real easy to say that the animal 'should' be free, but u can't get any better than people waiting on you hand and foot like animals in the zoo...
2008-05-25 18:50:07
This picture just tears me up. I assume this animal is anguished. It is in a zoo. It should be on ice. It has no options. It is a prisoner that has committed no crime and is serving solely as a novelty for humans.