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Posted By:BellCurve

Old Comments:

2008-05-24 05:44:54
Clear as a bell, fyi. Thank for your time to write the long explanation. I'm happy to know that I can soon start using the word again in its original meaning without giving wrong information about myself. I never thought you were/are using the word to bash gays.
2008-05-24 05:29:30
anne & everyone else: i will explain the modern use of the word "gay" in a humorous sense bc there are many people from many countries and cultures who come here and i want to clear this up for once and for all. using the term "gay" to mean it is "stupid" is very common in the US (is it also in the UK?), by hetero AND homo men AND women. it is considered a light-hearted poke, a small and not really mean way to say, "that's silly/stupid/weird/ridiculous" etc. i know this from personal experience for quite a while now. a friend of mine who is gay has confirmed this beyond any doubt and it is appearing in popular culture more and more which further confirms this. i'm sorry if people think it's a homophobic word, it is not, and i never intended to use it thus, i use it because it summarizes something for me very well and makes me laugh. yes, it is gently disparaging, but heteros and homos have so many disparaging terms for each other that those of us who have homo friends know it means nothing beyond a laugh. MOREOVER: i think this may be a trend toward returning the word to its' original meaning, i.e. joyful, silly, light-hearted. that is my explanation to why i use "gay". as a hetero male, in my particular culture, it comes easy and others understand what i mean. no one thinks i'm bashing gays. or if they do, they are phobic assholes. i hope this makes sense to all.
2008-05-24 05:09:27
I'm confused over the usage of 'gay' in the way that you guys seem to use it. Before the word was adopted by people who now call themselves gay (or it was given to them, I don't know), it was a nice, very popular adjective meaning lighthearted, cheerful and merry, full of mirth, even. I cannot run around saying 'oh I feel so gay' because of the different connotation the word now has. I may be sticking my head into a hornet's nest here - and let me assure y'all that it makes no difference to me whether a person is gay or straight - but as a nutcase about words and their usage and meaning, I'd like to know. Thank you and out. No, over and out. ;-)
2008-05-24 04:51:58
Robin Williams does a great stand-up on that, about his wife getting these giant boobs but not letting him touch them, "They're for the baby."
2008-05-24 04:50:21
Interesting how you think that "gay" is an insult. Personally, I think there are few purer images. It must bring out the paternal feeling that Nature wanted me to have.
2008-05-24 02:38:15
no it was due to the pic being gay.
2008-05-24 00:58:50
I'm thinking the negative vote was due to jealousy