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Posted By:HALEX

Old Comments:

2009-12-23 02:05:38
What is this animal?
2008-05-26 01:08:45
I haz a twig.
2008-05-24 07:34:38
Shame. Maybe we could have joint custody: I'll have it one week and you the next. My reindeer and I would take real good care of it.
2008-05-24 07:27:34
sorry but i have the last one anne. they went out of business after some one started producing real fluffy white alpacas.
2008-05-24 05:48:23
BMP = fail. Learn to convert images to compressed formats please.
2008-05-23 21:38:56
LOL. Where did you buy it? I want one. Please give supplier info.
2008-05-23 21:37:15
those are stuffed animals. really. i have one at home.
2008-05-23 20:16:01
Another colourful and creative animal description from Patito is needed.