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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2008-11-01 11:51:11
she is ugly. period.
2008-05-29 15:25:28
Wats this white rag on her head?
2008-05-23 22:47:17
..., making a captivating painting that is manna for one's visual sensibilities.
2008-05-23 22:33:26
the entire film is scarily perfectly out of 17th century holland.
2008-05-23 16:45:26
Just so! That is why the instant recognition.
2008-05-23 07:14:12
If you compare this photo to Vermeer' painting the resemblances are shocking accurate.
2008-05-23 02:00:48
From the movie "Girl with a pearl earring" after Vermeer's painting of the same name. The movie is about Vermeer and the girl.
2008-05-23 01:44:16
Beautiful Scarlett!