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Posted By:observer

Old Comments:

2008-08-15 05:00:11
Hey, yeah! The very rare twin-engined B-24's! With the very rare inverted T tails! Sheesh!
2008-07-11 01:51:54
Hula Hoops are very early 60s.
2008-07-10 23:24:59
good call huber.
2008-07-10 18:14:40
Clearly a fake. The planes are Dornier Do 17, only used in the first years of WW 2.
2008-05-23 14:44:13
Obviously from the angle of the planes, an amalgam of two pics.
2008-05-23 04:37:39
hahahahaha look at the kid on the right with his hands on his head! priceless
2008-05-23 03:32:30