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Posted By:Luckyred

Old Comments:

2008-05-23 04:54:04
2008-05-22 22:05:53
It is a multi-exposure of the lumar eclipse
2008-05-22 16:34:22
I'm going to side with Leo on this one. look at the orange circles lower down in the arc and you can see the shadows one associates with the full moon (the 'man in the moon'). I'm going to guess it's in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, but it could be lots of places. It just looks familiar to me.
2008-05-22 15:14:19
Oh I was just suspecting it to be the Moon
2008-05-22 14:37:39
Looks like a multiple exposure of the setting sun. On a hazy day. In the mountains.
2008-05-22 10:27:19
Pretty....what is it??