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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2008-05-27 23:19:45
Exactly! Thank you. It takes a really good (pilots?) eye to see that.
2008-05-27 22:39:39
Cedar Key at Florida's westcoast.
2008-05-21 17:35:34
2 in 1.
2008-05-20 22:11:10
Good memory you have! Yes, but this is nowhere near my neck of the woods.
2008-05-20 11:50:00
Maybe it's Martha's Vineyard?
2008-05-20 00:17:11
don't you live in constant sunshine during the summer anne?
2008-05-20 00:00:59
Fedrus doesn't do captions.
2008-05-19 16:18:22
An Island in the Sun.
2008-05-19 05:08:58
Cool shot. Any idea what island that is?