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Posted By:BellCurve

Old Comments:

2010-11-28 20:25:24
Something looks very wrong with the face, it does not belong on this body me thinks. A bit of shopping going on?
2008-06-15 06:25:36
2008-05-17 00:02:08
Listen here, kids..Take it from an old guy who's been through three wives and more lady friends than I can remember: there is ZERO correlation between the size of a woman's bosum and what I'll call her sexuality quotient..ZERO...there are women with huge breasts who don't like or enjoy sex, and women with tits like two golf balls who will fuck the feathers off a snake and wear your ass out...
2008-05-16 23:53:12
look how many comments this fox has caused...she pushes all the right buttons! i'll take 3 of her, thanks
2008-05-16 12:50:45
This picture is awesome... And as one said above: this 'before-tit-blow'... She looked so much nicer before she did it; now she just looks like every other bimbo. She actually is really cute; but the boob-job destroyed it all. So sad that wimen cant see that it gets just ugly...
2008-05-16 10:59:53
More infidels in Britain... Please!!!!
2008-05-16 07:53:38
From what I see they (the boobs) were proportion the rest of her. She's a very pretty girl.
2008-05-16 06:47:23
Jennifer Ellison before she had her tits blown up
2008-05-16 05:01:16
it's just an accesory, like shoe "earrings"
2008-05-16 04:28:57
I saw that too. I'd just be guessing, but it might be reflected light.
2008-05-16 02:52:38
Yeah, the padlock is weird - but what's up with those waxy-looking legs? It's like someone started to polish them and gave up 2/3 of the way through.
2008-05-16 02:29:06
Damn, I missed that - nice spot.
2008-05-15 23:32:39
This is Jennifer Ellison. She's an 'actress' that has appeared in soap opera, and recently the UK horror movie, The Cottage.
2008-05-15 22:43:34
nice one
2008-05-15 22:43:17
oh fuck yeah! love the british foxes
2008-05-15 22:34:32
Looks like a model from a naughty lingere web site (amy's attic)
2008-05-15 22:22:51
Very presentable. Displaying the slogan for what I assume was a promotion of it, they forgot to pick up the fag ends and paper litter on the left. That aside, am I correct in perceiving a 'padlock' connected to the back of her right heal?