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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2008-07-07 13:50:50
"Smelly Hippie Loses Head"
2008-05-17 06:33:26
Tch tch, fyi2, you just corrected someone's spelling. Shame on you.
2008-05-17 00:12:05
Looks Like one of John Macanes' Temper Tantrums.
2008-05-17 00:09:10
It a movie.
2008-05-16 23:58:56
thanks for info waldo. kinski looks like a crackhead having a psychotic episode. now i shall google his daughter.
2008-05-16 22:20:03
he is dead now.
2008-05-16 10:56:32
Kinski is one crazy fuck.Love his daughter too.
2008-05-16 05:30:05
Rehersal "Aguirre, the Wrath of God" 1972 German film. Actor Klaus Kinski shows the director Werner Herzog the way to do it.
2008-05-16 05:15:21
i would still like to know what the bloody hell is going on here.
2008-05-15 23:04:13
2008-05-15 23:03:53
hey little duck, you used the same comment for me yesterday...not too creative?
2008-05-15 23:03:04 FAIL
2008-05-15 22:48:24
I think your too jenerous.
2008-05-15 22:37:35
But still, do his parents know he's on their computer?
2008-05-15 21:48:29
Hey ! Congratulations J finally actually posted a comment that is amusing as opposed to your typical inane, disgusting and juvenile prattling..
2008-05-15 21:29:38
The 2008 Democratic Convention! HAH!