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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2008-05-17 00:06:10
damn dude...thats a lot of info...but you still dont tell us what the damn thing is! why are we all obssessed with this fuckin animal!
2008-05-17 00:04:59
nice one, oxy-moron
2008-05-16 12:58:11
If someone doesn't know or understand this set of facts, is he/her classed as an oxy-moron?
2008-05-16 11:04:30
Thank god you're a country boy patito.
2008-05-16 10:31:59
Awright, you city boys..I'm gonna explain it to you...Oxen are not a breed, or a species..the term refers usually to a steer ( a castrated male ) used as a draught animal, and it could be any one of a number of breeds of cattle, or it could be a buffalo, which are commonly used all over Asia as draught animals. Once that male equipment is removed an animal becomes much more tractable and easy to manage..the wild African buffalo and the Asian domesticated buffalo are not the same critter..
2008-05-16 10:00:35
The boy is bathing the ox. I think the principle is that a contented, healthy, and and happy animal is more willing to work for the farmer.
2008-05-16 05:19:27
since you did the work popolov i'll take your word. an ox it is!
2008-05-16 02:27:23
my dear friend, that is a water buffalo. don't fuck with me, i know my bovines!
2008-05-16 00:13:22
The cow (or bull) has a tether around its neck, indicating that it is a domestic and perhaps a farm work animal. The animal may have fallen down with exhaustion or sickness, and the little boy is throwing water over it to try to get it to stand up again.
2008-05-15 23:11:12
buffalo: what the fuck is wrong with this kid...