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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-09-17 16:56:46
it's the Transfagarasan. The picture is taken from Balea Lac ( top ) and if you drive down from here to the distant part of the picture you get to Sibiu. Very nice road , opened only 3 month a year.
2008-05-11 20:15:12
this is romania, not far from sibiu. it's a road over the carpathians. it's only open in summer for obvious reasons.
2008-05-11 15:34:42
Da este transfagarasanu partea dinspre sibiu cu siguranta
2008-05-11 06:31:55
oare este partea dinspre sibiu
2008-05-11 00:59:40
2008-05-10 23:34:43
looks familiar... is it the transfagarasan in romania?
2008-05-10 23:11:29
Anyone know where this is? That would be an awesome motorcycle ride!!