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Posted By:HALEX

Old Comments:

2008-05-09 20:30:47
The one on the left looks like Ronaldo.
2008-05-09 08:35:42
The one on the right looks like former playmate Boris Angel.
2008-05-09 00:59:22
yea Anna Semenovich she is good.I wish she will perform here in chicago;have a good one Russian Dude.
2008-05-08 19:37:21
Not Vegas, that's Russia for ya!
2008-05-08 01:30:16
Her cups overfloweth....
2008-05-07 23:39:01
Must be catering in Vegas.
2008-05-07 23:01:15
Look at those jugs! No, not THOSE jugs!
2008-05-07 22:36:48
kinda creepy
2008-05-07 22:15:32
it's a simple law of men's nature!
2008-05-07 21:33:58
Cleavage = votes!