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Posted By:sutra

Old Comments:

2008-05-16 04:10:12
If I was a B-2 pilot I would put one of those "if you dont like my driving call 1800-eat-s*$*" bumperstickers on the back.
2008-05-08 09:57:54
Yeah... I unless you have an old Soviet mobile SAM. It is important to have an old one - they don't know that this thing is supposed to be "invisible" :))))
2008-05-07 22:26:59
Hello bad guys, today is not your day!
2008-05-07 17:56:16
thats photoshopped, look at the wings!
2008-05-07 17:24:21
Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit
2008-05-07 11:45:55
Those are so cool looking!