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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2009-08-10 13:17:25
Please do not refrain from posting an image you honestly can not identify. Instead of verbal bully trash talk commenters who recognize an unidentified image could be helpful and supply the information. However if the poster has the desired info and fails to provide it shame on him /her.
2009-08-09 19:57:29
Hi Jim: Of course it is a river, what else could it be, a tapeworm? ;-) You'd be surprised how many photographers do not supply any info about their pics, so what do you expect us posters to do? I always give any and all info that comes with the pics I post, and so do many other posters. Would you rather NOT see this pic because no location is given? On a general level, it always amazes me how some viewers just come here to DEMAND things from us posters, and very few come to say 'thank you'. We spend countless hours looking for good pics, and whatever we do, it is never enough for some of you. We are not begging for your 'thanks' but it sure would be nice to be appreciated once in a while! You're right, this site is NOT a guessing game, this site is a picture site.
2009-08-09 09:06:22
It matters because we are interested in knowing things. Also, if someone is voting on a pic, knowing what or where the picture is would help assess the success of the photo. In this case, i don't even know what the picture is. I suppose it is an aerial view of a river. I would answer that this site isn't a guessing game.
2008-09-09 23:08:51
What does it matter WHERE this is? You should vote deciding on whether you like the pic or not. This site is not a travelogue or encyclopedia.
2008-09-09 23:02:08
katerkarlo, you are downvoted every single day by everyone you know when they see you.
2008-09-08 02:26:46
no location? down voted.