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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-11-18 03:42:31
the expression is "rode hard and put up wet" dumbass.
2008-11-17 15:54:49
Looks like one of those heads from a wax museum ?
2008-09-12 11:54:02
*fap,fap,fap,fap* "UUuuunnnnffff!" "Ooonnnfff!" "Unf!' "UNF!" *fap,fap,fap,fap*
2008-08-30 15:04:58
Yawn. That post makes it look like I would actually waste time trying to track down a troll. I bet you'll neg vote the heck out of it so that it appears to be a legitimate message from me as well...
2008-08-30 14:51:58
I found the trolls homepage, if anyone is interested. It does a lot to explain why they are so messed up and I think it will help us get rid of them. It looks like there is a way to report them.
2008-08-30 12:33:06
She was pulled from a lake... she's dead, covered in her own mucus and slime... glazed, dead eyes staring... I want to fuck her.
2008-08-30 10:38:50
Looks like an Oil, not water.
2008-04-29 20:46:52
she didnt swallow
2008-04-29 16:56:49
Great indeed +
2008-04-29 12:47:11
Very good qualitypicture. (and a lovely woman aswell)
2008-04-29 08:20:07
I wouldn't mind putting a little goo on her myself.
2008-04-29 05:24:49
She's got jizz on her lips and eyelids. Eww!
2008-04-29 03:57:55
why is she covered in slime?
2008-04-29 03:41:53
The model appears almost as a doll, a mannequin. What a lovely photograph.
2008-04-29 03:38:30
Actually this photo is brilliant. Normally it takes a lot of Photoshop efforts and skills to achieve effects like glossy reflections and sharp skin textures... Very good work of the photographer.
2008-04-29 01:13:41
Rode hard and put away wet.