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Posted By:observer

Old Comments:

2008-07-07 07:31:47
Was Crazy Glue invented then?
2008-04-30 05:57:15
Oh, who can't do that?
2008-04-30 03:46:52
this man is a genuis
2008-04-29 23:27:50
OK, how about - Are you OUT of your F***in MIND????
2008-04-29 16:47:23
why not not?
2008-04-29 16:17:09
Why not?
2008-04-29 15:15:03
My initial gut reaction was: WHY???
2008-04-28 20:13:33
Now THAT'S balls. If that's the US then it might date to just after the "Great Depression" when there was a lot of public performances such as this. Or, it might have been part of a movie. It's very cool.