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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2008-05-01 04:25:53
You're a disgusting, ignorant, no-class asshole, Josh..
2008-05-01 04:11:01
mouth wide open like a good little negro cocksucker... it's all they're good for
2008-04-30 06:36:46
It's the first of the month and the mail's here!
2008-04-29 20:57:21
no hang on heres another one, look fresh watermelon
2008-04-28 23:02:06
heheheh nice one!
2008-04-26 20:12:45
It's great the way kids get so excited about life. The expressions on their faces show the wonder and amazement of growing up. Nice post.
2008-04-26 20:11:15
If this is the best you have, try shutting up.
2008-04-26 19:31:52
there must be some kfc on the stage