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Posted By:^jorge^

Old Comments:

2008-05-28 05:48:06
(not opinion) This is the Fuller Building in New York City [1902], more commonly known as The Flat Iron Building. Its architect was Daniel Hudson Burnham, one of the giants of American architecture around the turn of the last century. It is noteworthy that Mr. Burnham had only 9 months of formal training in architecture. If you like this building, then it is sure you will like the rest of his work. Look into him. This building is exemplary especially given the special design problems determined by the very small and very irregular site, which Burnham answered masterfully with this building,and perhaps as no one else could have. Note also the fluted window bays, which solve by entasis a problem which is endemic in columnar forms. (a naturally occurring )( indentation that the eye perceives when looking at columnar rectilinearity. From the corner where this building stands, you can also see the Woolworth (Cass Gilbert) the Municipal (McKim, Meade and White) and Metropolitain Life Ins. bld'g. (Napoleon LeBrun) as well as a host of others. That corner is one of the most highly saturated corners in America for architectural grandeur.
2008-05-02 11:03:43
Browne Palace?
2008-04-26 21:25:12
Es un edificio imponente. Creo que el original es insuperable. Pero sin dudas las imágenes no son buenas. Solo quiero mostrar la diferencia de epocas, pero no es estético, estoy de acuerdo contigo. Gracias por tu opinión. Saludos.- Jorge.-
2008-04-26 14:48:04
No offense, but the original is a much better photo.