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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2008-04-25 02:53:00
You are correct on all counts sir. Lots of cranberry bogs where I live.
2008-04-25 02:31:45
Cranberry plants are grown in low lands next to a water source so that the land can be flooded when the cranberries are ready. Since cranberries are less dense than water, they float to the surface and this makes them easier to harvest. If you happen to have a bottle of cranberry juice lying around, look at the label... the background may show a drawing of men harvesting cranberries (like in this picture).
2008-04-25 02:04:00
How can they be cranberries Ann Austin? Cranberries are fruit that grows in bushes, not water! Any further suggestions anyone?
2008-04-25 00:24:41
Getting bogged down in their work.
2008-04-24 11:52:54
i see a heart
2008-04-24 09:23:34
I agree
2008-04-24 07:24:43
Harvesting cranberries.