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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2008-08-14 14:05:25
awwwwww....I finally found you my love!
2008-06-19 00:59:53
Great film, lovely scene. Is it a screen capture or was it an actual photo taken on the set?
2008-05-22 04:11:06
She is not dead - this is a picture from Tarkovski - "Ivan's childhood". Officer offered help to go through, then hold and kiss hte girl, military medic.
2008-04-26 07:43:22
Birchwood Cemetary Escort Service - "Come and digg your own! Cash and carry! No late-return fees!"
2008-04-25 23:19:27
Sometimes I think people take photos just so future generations will look at them and wonder what the hell was going on.
2008-04-25 05:43:17
Hmmmm, I only had the impression he was pulling her out of the ditch.
2008-04-24 22:50:41
Kiss and Goodbye
2008-04-24 21:10:47
Bart: That was funny! haha Is this really from a movie Zve?
2008-04-24 08:21:00
Taking a crap in a hole in a forest is easier with somebody helping out.
2008-04-24 07:15:02
Disposing of a dead body has never been easy..
2008-04-24 06:45:13
Tarkovsky's movie "Ivan's childhood"..
2008-04-24 06:33:15
isnt she dead?
2008-04-24 06:25:22
"Goodbye, My Darling, but now I must throw you in this huge hole I have dug......I don't know why.....