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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2009-01-24 02:37:53
Tibetan, old time
2008-04-24 14:27:11
Think all are male Chinese, all the prisoner will have to wear this collar when they tranport them from prison to prison or a parade around town as an exhibit before their execution, a kind og entrtainment
2008-04-24 01:28:38
I would like to see this kind of punishment in USA, jails are worthless...
2008-04-23 23:37:41
that is some messed up shit. prolly for being Tibetan!
2008-04-23 23:37:07
no shit genius. but what/where?
2008-04-23 22:16:03
Punishment for posting duplicates on pizdaus :o)
2008-04-23 20:23:50
Are these women?
2008-04-23 17:34:44
Punishment in China, about 1900.
2008-04-23 17:22:58
a kind of punishment for something
2008-04-23 15:51:38
And this is What?