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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2009-05-30 01:58:16
This picture is taken in Pakistan It does not depict war but time and its cruelty These buildings are ailing because of the cruelest phenomena of time ...aging....
2009-01-07 04:22:43
Now I will kill you, your infidel heap!!!
2008-05-06 23:23:54
How do you arrive at that assumption. What made this culture superior? How did you determine that the ruin was due to religious madness or religion at all?
2008-05-06 20:05:35
This photo is sad because you can see what is left of once superior culture as a result of religious madness :(
2008-04-26 08:22:51
I do not read anything political in to this photo, it's just full of sorrow.
2008-04-23 20:05:34
Yeah, the pic is fantastic, but the poster could have helped us along with knowing what it's about, or even where it was taken
2008-04-23 01:34:48
Lots of supposition and no substance. Maybe the poster could enlighten us?
2008-04-23 01:13:51
lololololololololol massive ownage. nuke the muslims!
2008-04-23 00:35:06
So you're against the war?
2008-04-23 00:30:58
A once beautiful palace or mosque!? Is it/was it in Iraq, or perhaps Afghanistan, the remnants of Bush's hegemonic love song? And all the mounds, they look like the leftovers, the remains of Bush's trained murderers, the slaughter of the innocents in their own country?