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Posted By:Tetamanti

Old Comments:

2008-04-29 23:45:51
Not a re-enactment, but the second raising of a flag. The first flag was fairly small so they put up a larger one. There is also a short clip of a movie showing this raising of the flag on Suribaji.
2008-04-29 08:34:38
The United States of America at it's best! When we fought Fascist. Now we are Fasist.
2008-04-29 06:03:44
such pictures are often taken from re-enactments
2008-04-28 19:46:36
I thought it was a re-enactment?
2008-04-22 20:30:29
I believe the negative votes are due to the low quality of the image. Since it is so historic, there are bound to be better versions.