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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2009-01-07 04:09:04
Now, I will kill you, your infidel snowball!!!
2008-07-05 01:46:53
What the mideast needs is time for a good frolic in the snow!
2008-04-24 00:33:33
You Know, its refreshing to see happiness in his face it makes me happy.
2008-04-22 20:35:04
An Arabian Calvin looking for a burka covered Suzie. Splat!
2008-04-22 19:48:56
The look on the guy's face is wonderful...
2008-04-22 18:33:13
And the yellow sands of Arabia transformed overnight into magical white crystals that they could drink and be merry. (Interesting, the psychology relating to the appearance of snow, which often invokes joy upon first sight.)
2008-04-22 11:57:11
Look out! It's a suicide snowballer!
2008-04-22 11:22:23
Al Gore is an ass