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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2008-07-04 10:06:04
A little to the right and they would've got away :)
2008-04-23 11:51:04
Even if they had hit the hole directly and survived the accident they would have died, as they wouldn't have been able to exit the wrecked car, and no one would have found them until the storm drain clogged the next time it rained.
2008-04-23 06:00:59
Shit ... the hole is eating the car !!
2008-04-23 04:59:33
I guess they would have had a good story to tell had they survived.
2008-04-22 21:54:42
I think I can recall this picture as a news photo of a car wreck in my home town of Houston, Texas. To answer your question mcraptor, they died, and to answer yours, m-abs, they ran off the side of the road as they approached the bridge in the early morning hours. The fact that they jumped the bayou instead of only running down the near side of it implies that they were traveling at a very high speed.
2008-04-22 20:43:20
It takes skill to hit such a small target.
2008-04-22 20:06:29
Did they live or die.... ?
2008-04-22 19:42:33
2008-04-22 18:31:50
How did that happen...
2008-04-22 10:15:06
Great - a hole-in-one!