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Posted By:casaubon

Old Comments:

2009-04-24 23:53:19
"'s very classy to say that you do." Erlandvo, it is my observation that in choosing preforming arts genres ,music in particular, most choices are fashion statements based on the image that the "listener" wishes to project or the crowd one wants to belong to. "Appreciation" of symphony,opera and ballet places one among the"elite".
2008-05-12 21:43:39
Sorry but seeing this i remain speechless. Er... Marry me ?
2008-05-12 04:34:33
ive been dancing ballet pretty much all my life and i absolutely love it. it is something you have to appreciate to enjoy though, i think the most bandages i had on my toes at one time was 8. pointe is inhumane though, my ballet teacher is always telling us to "suck this in" or "lose this"
2008-05-12 04:12:37
No worse than football or other sport related injuries, just for your entertainment.
2008-04-18 06:59:58
with her daddy watching, while chokin' it.
2008-04-18 04:11:31
Mmmh... I agree. I don't like classic ballet for that very reason. It's totally unnatural, asexual, in a word, ice cold. Like a complex piece of classical music - not that much people like it, but it's very classy to say you do ;)
2008-04-17 21:56:45
While being burned with hot irons.
2008-04-17 21:35:22
....Wearing a suit of armor.
2008-04-17 20:51:55
and against the wind...
2008-04-17 10:37:30
in the snow, uphill both ways
2008-04-17 06:23:25
at gunpoint
2008-04-17 03:19:51
Which they are forced and tortured and blackmailed to endure; against their will.
2008-04-17 03:17:44
What we may consider as beautiful in the theatre, with ballet dancers dancing on their toes, belies the terrible tragedy that many dancers have to endure. That tragedy is the widespread deformation of their feet and broken toes. All this for 'our' vision of beauty of the dance.