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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2008-11-12 23:46:54
Did he survive the fall?
2008-05-08 12:18:42
Ïîìî÷ü áëèæíåìó, à íå ñîçåðöàòü.
2008-04-27 06:03:02
Nationwide is on yer side
2008-04-16 13:49:00
Come to think of it, that camera person isn't exactly in the safety zone...
2008-04-15 12:31:22
You guys are funny. Too many weeks playing the New Yorker Cartoon Caption contest. Take the damn picture already, I can't hold this pose much longer!
2008-04-15 09:47:58
That dude is trippin'!
2008-04-15 09:46:06
Cut... let's try again and try some emotion this time.
2008-04-15 02:34:43
Taking one for art!
2008-04-15 01:53:50
It gonna pain !
2008-04-15 01:01:29
a kick from angry woman :))))
2008-04-15 00:32:12
Oooow! He doesn't look happy. I hope his landing was not too painful!