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Posted By:casaubon

Old Comments:

2008-10-22 20:29:57
New Zealanders have a specific haircut?
2008-10-22 11:41:53
No, it's a Whale Shark. And judging by the haircut on the guy I'd say it was New Zealand.
2008-04-15 11:40:55
A humpback died recently and washed ashore in Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island. Prolly the origin.
2008-04-15 11:00:42
No need to fret crackers. Its Just that y'all haven't seen a black man's cock before!! BLACK POWER ASSHOLESSS!!
2008-04-15 10:59:54
You should have seen the geraniums... "Not again!"
2008-04-15 10:50:23
It looks like a basking shark..they can grow as large as 8 or 10 meters, sometimes larger.. maybe there's a marine biologist lurking who will edify us..
2008-04-15 03:11:25
Because it was originally a homing missile, but it turned into whale, and thats where it landed. Totally improbable, I know...
2008-04-15 00:13:50
Ah! thanks Woot. The poor beast, although I still can't recognise it as a whale. The situation doesn't at all look like a shoreline.
2008-04-14 23:48:53
He's looking at a whale carcass. I can't figure out what the species is though.
2008-04-14 23:44:02
What is the title to this picture? I don't think he is looking at some writing on an alien spacecraft. So please be good enough to supply the information Casaubon!