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Posted By:gall

Old Comments:

2008-04-11 01:53:08
dude she's 13, wtf do you expect of her.
2008-04-10 23:01:01
she's super cute but she has no tits.
2008-04-10 18:37:31
Id hit it
2008-04-10 06:52:34
The bitch is ugly.
2008-04-10 06:00:11
god dammit .. an Emma got through!! :) thanks guys!!
2008-04-10 05:15:58
Thanks for the tip, I didn't realize you could go there. Lots of good info and pics.
2008-04-10 04:47:12
Yeah, you are bad!
2008-04-10 04:08:11
um yeah btw...intelligest is spelled with a n you dumfukk! scnr=)
2008-04-10 04:05:28
2008-04-10 03:18:17
Gall, I went to your site as my "friend" above suggested, and you have some very cool pics... I didn't know all that was available, I appreciate your posting and all your photos. Thank you for Emma...Can you tell us any more about her? By that way, please tell my "friend" that Dumbass is spelled with a 'b'... and if he doesn't believe me he can check his birth certificate!
2008-04-10 02:10:22
hahahahah .. man ..
2008-04-10 01:32:20 are an amazingly intelligest person....yeah, right....
2008-04-10 01:17:18
why don't you dumfuck just click on the posters name. you will be amazed what will happen then! =)
2008-04-10 01:08:35
She is very beautiful...who is she and where did the pictures come from? Can you repost all together?
2008-04-10 00:33:55
*rolls eyes* Oh yeah, we're all a bunch of retarded slugs.
2008-04-10 00:27:23
she is so fine. and link with the next one PLEASE^^
2008-04-10 00:23:32
Emma .. I dare not write her name in the title!! hahaha .. anyway .. look I keep finding more .. the next one is the last one .. u are gona be disappointed :) … I am just ripping these