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Posted By:adebisi

Old Comments:

2008-04-19 01:43:22
The SAS camouflage training programme wasn't going well this year...
2008-04-18 21:43:45
I was going to go with alternate reality Dr. Seuss trees
2008-04-10 05:13:51
no no you have it all wrong , this is the annual migration of the northern Ireland shrub beasts
2008-04-10 04:40:57
Who has taken the third? I want it back, now!
2008-04-10 03:36:29
The Yeti are preparing to arrest George Bush and his cabal of criminals, and to then put them on trial for treason, for 9/11 and mass murder, for invading two sovereign countries upon the basis of lies, for genocide, and, and, and......
2008-04-10 00:38:58
Wild yeti?