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Posted By:mm

Old Comments:

2008-04-09 23:43:45
i never noticed it before, but it looks like he only has tree fingers left. Poor guy :(
2008-04-09 07:19:02
Yeah and sometimes ya gotta fight for it.
2008-04-09 03:07:55
This is why the men and women who serve, and thier families don't want war. Everyone in uniform wants peace. This is what we pay as a country in hopes of achieving it. Peace is a personal thing for our people who serve.
2008-04-08 11:40:19
don't make fun of veteran's, man, they deserve respect. I love this picture, it's very touching
2008-04-07 08:44:30
its like the claw from that old 007 movie, that the crocodile guy had.