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Posted By:Fedrus

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2008-07-04 02:11:45
It's a little bit misleading to say that Norteno music "comes from" German immigrants to Mexico. There certainly was a lot of influence from German ( and also Czech ) music..those folks ( a lot of whom were railroad workers ) introduced the accordian, and also polka rhythms.. but those elements blended with the original and indigenous ranchera music to produce Norteno..
2008-07-04 00:24:03
Look they have one groupie.
2008-04-19 10:21:19
Thanks JS from LA. I was wondering if maybe they were they were part of the Afro Cuban All Stars. I was a way off! Wish this site had sound. I'd like to hear them play!
2008-04-06 10:18:01
NorteƱos. The "guitar" is called a Bajosexto and its very difficult to play. BTW this music comes from German migrats in mexico