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Posted By:Luckyred

Old Comments:

2008-03-20 14:38:09
This is what happens when people have too much money and too little brain...
2008-03-20 12:48:50
that's so fuckin funny
2008-03-20 04:16:34
I enjoy the 'oops'-look... :-)
2008-03-20 03:43:43
Great..the world is rid of another Hummer..rhymes with Dummer...more of them should meet this fate...
2008-03-20 01:01:57
As we all know Philip it is a shame of this site. A MOFO arrogant.
2008-03-20 00:49:56
Hardly surprising though. Silly boy forgot to put the aerial up!
2008-03-20 00:18:22
Classic! You just know after looking at the first pic it's not going to end well
2008-03-19 23:47:30
Get off your high horse philip, you act like you paid this guy to post pics with good explanations or something. Besides, as I glance at your profile, you haven't posted a single just browse the site posting useless comments on peoples pictures and complaining when the explanations aren't detailed enough. Get a life and stop being such a hypocrite.
2008-03-19 23:07:42
I have just noticed that many people here bring's photo's from (or just on fishki many of them repeat). :-)
2008-03-19 22:59:55
Thanks Jarod. That was a great help and what Luckyred 'could' have posted for everyone, including me, who have never heard of it.
2008-03-19 22:48:52
a man a remote control a SUV a crash
2008-03-19 22:39:56
What is the storyline Luckyred? It means nothing without its basis!