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Old Comments:

2008-03-19 03:46:14
I think it was made with mixing three pictures. I have seen this photo without the man.
2008-03-19 02:04:11
where is that exactly? i really wonder to know:-)
2008-03-18 23:11:12
it's a fake...seen all 3 photos solo
2008-03-18 19:04:45
road runner, wile e coyote, and a HUGE anvil are missing from this picture! or is that just in my head? BEEP! BEEP!
2008-03-18 12:30:47
wow, this is awesome
2008-03-18 08:32:39
makes my thighs quiver just looking at it
2008-03-18 04:32:54
I have already seen this pic, it's a duplicate. However, it's worth seeing. :)
2008-03-18 03:49:25
where the fuck is that ?
2008-03-18 03:31:51
You have a sadistic humour Spocker! I suppose after you make him soil his pants you will offer to clear up the mess?
2008-03-18 03:27:43
I'd like to sneak up ever so quietly and give him a slight shove. Nothing that will make him fall, but just enough to soil his pants.
2008-03-18 01:53:41
That looks like a fake!!!
2008-03-18 00:19:15
Not me...not on your life!! not now-not ever No F'ng way!!!!