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Posted By:nalogowiec

Old Comments:

2008-03-15 05:59:24
Silly prick!
2008-03-15 02:18:56
LOL! Blayze
2008-03-14 23:46:50
wow loser!
2008-03-14 22:11:54
It'd be better if he whipped out a pack of Mentos at the end.
2008-03-14 18:59:24
ech damn i meant reversed...admin pls delete previous comments of mine
2008-03-14 18:58:30
Its just reserved playback
2008-03-14 18:58:09
Its just reserved playback
2008-03-14 16:07:47
The physics of that are way off, unless there's something I'm not seeing :(