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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-06-11 14:26:27
This is almost certainly a WWII photo, my guess is its an american fire bombing somewhere in Japan. Not sure though.
2008-04-29 11:13:01
Or perhaps the German bombing of Bari on the 2nd. of December 1943 ... pretty spectacular raid with horrible losses that were covered up for quite some time!
2008-03-16 16:04:49
This is just a guess, but I think this is the allied bombing of the harbour at Bari, Italy in December, 1943.
2008-03-12 21:34:23
Just a fun fact, that during the firebombing of Tokio the US killed on average more people per day than in Hiroshima or Ngasaki and this was one justification for the a-bombs. My guess is also Tokio.
2008-03-12 10:37:57
That's not Pearl Harbor.
2008-03-11 19:08:14
That's Pearl Harbor. Those are Japanese bombs falling on Americans.
2008-03-11 11:16:34
2008-03-11 10:30:15
this one is self-explainitory. they're blowin' shit up!
2008-03-11 06:16:13
Firebombing of Tokyo during WWII? Just a guess. Not 100% sure.
2008-03-11 05:46:49
I agree with Philip
2008-03-11 05:22:23
that's some scary shit
2008-03-11 03:08:28
Iraq's retaliation 2008 :)
2008-03-11 01:02:23
There is no explanation on a lot of pictures. I would be only guessing.
2008-03-11 00:33:57
It would be useful for jchip8 to indicate 'what' the photo is, instead of just blandly posting any picture without title. The picture should have context - where and when!