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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-10-17 20:13:43
Do me a favor? STFU, you stupid farging twit. For someone to glance that way is perfectly natural. The main diff is that it was caught on camera and also, this is clearly a man in the black burqua.
2008-10-17 20:00:47
That's a man wearing the black veil.
2008-10-17 19:58:54
that's not a woman with the black veil and the newspaper.
2008-08-05 02:10:00
LOL these are some funny comments. i knew of a big case where a muslim woman refused to take off her burqa for an ID PHOTO! absurdism rules and the human folly passes for our amusement.
2008-08-03 06:35:47
Look, the blonde ate satan's apple
2008-08-02 09:46:54
Go ahead...kick her ass.
2008-03-10 05:01:15
wow, i have never seen a ninja on the subway
2008-03-10 03:32:09
I know how you feel - anyone I see drinking Guinness leaves me thinking, when are they going to let their secreted nail bomb off?
2008-03-10 03:30:53
I don't think muslim women are allowed to have vaginas.
2008-03-09 17:11:57
shes getting ready to blow herself up,damn muslims
2008-03-09 11:48:42
She probably has a bomb planted inside her vagina. Recent bombings at the Moscow Metro were committed by Muslim female suicide bombers.
2008-03-09 08:40:41
Just because it is "religious" (a euphemism for the continung enslavement and degradation of women as 2nd class citizens in less enlightened societies) why should, for example, this lady in the burkha be allowed to walk into a bank, when (for security reasons) motorcyle couriers have to remove full-face helmets so the CCTV cameras can record thier face? Presumably muslim women never commit crimes,,,,,,,,,,, yeah right. If I walk down my street in a face mask, the police will stop me - what's so special about her?
2008-03-09 05:13:25
Yeah ... if I was that lady, I'd wonder what the blonde girl had in her red bag, too.
2008-03-09 04:04:45
Lovely photo. The look of suspicion on her face.