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Posted By:unksol

Old Comments:

2011-10-26 04:41:29
Could be, but I don't think so - not K9's (or Happy Jack or Just Me or jacksparrow) type of pic.
2011-10-26 01:45:11
Husband & wife team of Happy Jack & K9Poster?
2011-10-26 00:12:06
Well, get used to it ROM - looks like unksol will be posting mostly duplicates and wallpaper. Anybody have any ideas as to who unksol really is? Come on folks, take a guess :)
2011-10-25 21:20:41
Pixdaus just wouldn't be Pixdaus if we didn't have some resident mullet spamming the site with massive uploads of kitschy wallpaper.
2011-10-25 21:11:23
Not just this one, most of what unksol has posted are reposts and he or she posted too many. A new poster? I think not. I wonder who you are 'usually' unksol and why you feel the need to use a different nic. Was you name getting too hot?
2011-10-25 19:48:58
Chateau de Chantilly, and already posted by farhad AND kustosz