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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-09-24 13:04:44, da water's so going with da boat..
2008-08-27 16:29:01
That alligator must be a descendant of Adolf Hitler.
2008-08-17 01:27:18
Ê êàêîìó ñëó÷Àþ çâåçäà Äàâèäà íà ãðóäè?
2008-08-15 23:55:43
Lol, Hes got a look on his face like "Holy shit!"
2008-07-28 16:23:03
Well that is an alligator obviously and not really after him but probably a fish. Not cool to capture gators.
2008-03-12 05:33:39
On the India Times (new paper) last week …
2008-03-08 18:50:03
Fishing can be hazardous to your health!
2008-03-08 13:04:32
that's gotta be australia
2008-03-08 05:23:20
Oops, gotta move fast! Good shot!